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My submission for the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam!

driftShot is a top-down space shooter with a twist. There is no conventional way to move your ship; the only way is through first shooting an enemy. The faster you defeat enemies, the faster you'll move. How's that for dual-purpose design? You'll need to plan your shots wisely if you wish to avoid drifting into some unwanted obstacles...

Left click: Shoot
Right click / space: Brake  (also activates a shield if you aren't shooting)
R key: Reset stage
Q key: Quit to title
M key: Toggle music

Now for a personal message from yours truly:
Yowzer, this past 48 hours has been like a crash course in game design for me, especially seeing as I only first started tinkering with GameMaker Studio a couple of weeks ago. There are a few rough patches, and features I'd have loved to add, but I wanted to stick to the Jam philosophy, so  hopefully you'll enjoy what I cooked up. Thanks everyone, now I'm going to bed.

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip, then run the exe. If it doesn't work, then... that's incredibly annoying.


driftShot.zip (12 MB)

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