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My friend and I accidentally broke the game. On the level with tnt on top of a building we both walked off the level to try to kill each other. Instead our characters got stuck without taking damage! It still was pretty fun. I tried out singleplayer too which was also fun. 

118.1 clear! GOT IT!

that last level was so hard! GG

yeahh...I had to go into 2 player mode in order to beat it

awesome concept

Mind if i add this concept into my own game?

how do you go fullscreen


Level with big house and TNT:

I jumped of the map (left) and nothing was happening

Really fun and weird, Wario Ware esque

make it an app plz


This is really great!

A great fun little puzzler! Enjoyed a lot.

Recommend to play with a friend the first time.

Thanks! It's nice to see people embracing the 2-player mode.

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How do i kill pink like pink is unkillable in 1 Player Mode


You hurt the other person by hurting yourself. Any damage you do to yourself is done to the other person.

this game is awesome!! me and my friend tried the multiplayer version and it was a blast :D i love the level design and the simple art style. good job!

Thanks, we really appreciate it!

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Hey Tom i wanna say thank-you for making my favorite childhood game into fan game i really like you Tom your really the best developers out there

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Hope you have you read my 1st comment Tom the one that is 5 months ago